Media Data Network has chosen Inagene Diagnostics Inc., a global leader in PGx as our laboratory for IsMyRxSAFE.

Media Data Network, providing the  IsMyRxSAFE,  DNA Test. As a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, is pleased to announce its contracting Inagene Diagnostics Inc., a renowned diagnostics company, for the establishment of the IsMyRxSAFE product. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance patient care and improve the accuracy of medication management for healthcare professionals and patients.

August 15, 2023 News Release

Media Data Network, Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions, and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. Join Forces to Deliver Comprehensive PGx Testing

Las Vegas  Aug. 15, 2023  – Media Data Network, Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions, and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that aims to provide unparalleled pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing solutions  . This partnership brings together the expertise of three industry leaders to empower healthcare professionals and individuals with comprehensive genetic insights to enhance patient care plans and treatment outcomes.

PGx is a rapidly advancing field that leverages genetic information to personalize medical treatment plans that improve efficacy and reduce adverse reactions for patients. By analyzing patients’ genetic profiles, healthcare providers can make more informed “data-driven” decisions regarding medication selections and dosages.

Media Data Network, a renowned PGx marketing company, is known for its innovative approaches to healthcare data management and analytics. Their platform enables seamless integration of genetic information into medical workflows, providing healthcare professionals with real-time insights so they can personalize patient care.

Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions, a leading PGx specialist company, has a proven track record in providing tailored treatment recommendations based on genetic data. Their focus on aligning medical interventions with behavioral factors sets them apart, ensuring holistic patient care that considers both genetic and psychological aspects.

Inagene Diagnostics Inc., a pioneer in genomics and diagnostics, harnesses its pharmacogenetic testing lab to provide healthcare teams and patients with personalized prescribing decision tools based on leading genetic analysis and technology. With its state-of-the-art laboratory and a commitment to precision, Inagene Diagnostics Inc. will conduct comprehensive PGx testing, analyzing valuable genetic data, to inform the foundation of the personalized treatment plans this collaboration is set to provide.

“We are excited to combine our strengths with Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. to offer an all-encompassing PGx testing solution, we call IsMyRxSAFE”, stated Steven Coryell,  CEO of Media Data Network. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionize patient care through data-driven insights.”

“At Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions, we understand the significance of genetics in behavioral responses to medications,” commented Mark Smith, CEO of Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions. “Teaming up with Media Data Network and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. allows us to further advance personalized treatment strategies that consider both genetic and behavioral factors.”

“We are honored to contribute our expertise to this collaboration,” said Don Wright, Chairman of Inagene Diagnostics Inc. “Together, we are empowering healthcare providers with a comprehensive PGx testing solution that has the potential to transform patient outcomes so that they feel better sooner.”

This partnership between Media Data Network, Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions, and Inagene Diagnostics Inc. represents a collective commitment to advancing the field of personalized medicine. By combining cutting-edge technology, behavioral insights, and scientific rigor, these industry leaders are poised to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals approach medication management.

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About Media Data Network:

Media Data Network is a leading PGx marketing company specializing in healthcare data management and analytics. Their solutions empower healthcare providers with the tools needed to integrate genetic insights into patient care. Learn more:

About Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions:

Avalon Behavioral Health Solutions is a prominent PGx specialists’ company that focuses on aligning genetic data with behavioral factors for personalized treatment recommendations. Their approach considers the interplay between genetics and psychology for enhanced patient care. Learn more:


Inagene Diagnostics Inc. is a genomics and diagnostics company committed to precision and innovation. With advanced laboratory processes, they provide valuable genetic insights to guide personalized treatment plans and revolutionize patient outcomes. Learn more:

Your test is performed in a CLIA accredited laboratory.

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Inagene  the only Canadian pharmacogenomics lab to hold accreditation by CLIA, (which stands for the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). CLIA’s mandate is to ensure quality laboratory testing by ensuring pharmacogenetic labs meet quality control and accuracy standards that certify the results are accurate and the test does what if is designed to do. The test itself (Inagene’s Personalized Insights(TM) pharmacogenetic test for pain and mental health) is also CLIA certified to provide reliable and accurate insights that can be trusted to guide treatment decisions.

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AS SEEN ON GLOBAL NEWS: Some say the current one-size-fits-all, trial-and-error approach to prescribing is outdated and pharmacogenetic testing is a more accurate way to choose and dose medications. As Su-Ling Goh reports, our genes play a role in how drugs affect us.

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